Date: 2020

Molos, Greece

Budget: Not Disclosed

Five miles to the east of the Spartans last stand at Thermopylae the village of Molos is a community of farmers, small cafes and little rural businesses. At its centre is an informal square overlooked by a faded classical farmhouse which has a handsome balcony, rustic cornices, elegant Tuscan pilasters and a courtyard of fruit trees with access to a small labourer's cottage. For generations the site has belonged to the family of siblings Petros and Stathianna who wish to keep close connections to Molos and to save the crumbling house. Our task is to restore the old working links between the town square, its grand interiors on the first floor, the courtyard and cottage by making them work together as a whole. There is a sense that the house is like an old fortified farm with almost ecclesiastical yards, cloisters and galleries. Our work is to emphasise these qualities. 


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