Date: 2019

Gillingham, Dorset

Budget: Not Disclosed

Simon and Jane’s Dorset home is an attractive farmhouse that is disappointingly detached from its big gardens. Jane’s plan was to renovate her twenty year old kitchen; our suggestion was to start with a new lawn where they used to park cars. The challenge was to do the least possible to turn a house surrounded by asphalt back to a farmhouse with doors, windows, and gardens that felt right, giving them a much better relationship with very familiar surroundings.

Church House

Index of work


01 Lewes Phoenix Rising

03 Daubney Holt Farm, Lincs.

05 Beechcroft Road, Tooting Bec

06 CPRE Workshops

10 Louvaine Road, Battersea

12 Inderwick Road, Haringey

13 Totterdown Street, Tooting Bec

14 Orchard House, Firle

15 Salonikios, Thasos

16 Heighton Street, Firle

17 Underpass Market, M.K.

18 Angmering CLT, W. Sussex

19 Greenhouse Catwalk, ICA

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